The Chinese Hurdler

Why I Am The Chinese Hurdler:

  • Resilient – the ability to recover from difficult situations and over-come barriers
  • Willingness to learn to things – it can be assumed that this athlete received some training for this event, and no doubt, following this performance, this athlete would be open to receiving supplemental coaching to improve performance
  • Strength – both physical and mental strength portrayed by his ability to destroy all items in his path and also the determination to finish the task
  • Creativity – hurdler to self: “How will I finish the race without having to hurdle over a barrier?”
  • Sense of humour – in order to execute this game plan and face the consequences, the hurdler would have to have a strong sense of self, a lack of ego, and an excellent sense of humour; some things are serious –nothing is too serious

Why I Am Not The Chinese Hurdler

  • I am not Chinese