Snack Attack: Just Add PB

Not being one for fandangled, complicated recipes, when preparing a snack for either before or after a workout, I tend to go for something quick, simple, and versatile, and more often than not, involving peanut butter.


Not only does PB (and other nut butters) lend itself to speedy snacking, it is also delicious and nutritious. Creamy, crunchy, natural, almond, cashew, coconut-almond –each variety can be smeared and spread, dolloped and dipped into sweet and savoury combinations. Some of my favourite pairings include:


-rice cakes

-in protein shakes




And, of course, for the most time-strapped, grocery-poor, and purist of PB-lovers, it is also great simply as a spoon-to-mouth snack.



On the Mend

Usually during any phase of an injury, I tend to go into hiding. Depending on the injury, I may continue to run, but I’ll choose to run alone; I don’t have the discipline to be on the track with other runners and not grind it out. It’s best if I just stay away.

Unfortunately, with this latest blip that started back in the winter, I continued to do hard workouts, which eventually led to a complete halt of running for two weeks. Because this didn’t feel like a stress fracture (at first), I chose to run through it (or try to); the pre-stress fracture feeling, for those who have not had one, is a pretty distinct sensation. If it had felt anything like that specific pain, I would’ve (more likely) stopped immediately.

In hindsight, it would’ve been beneficial to lay-off weeks ago, despite not feeling stress fracture-y, as is the case for most injuries; the pain and discomfort were certainly not improving, an obvious red-flag (to most). After having taken two weeks off and spending some quality time with Betty in Spain, climbing and descending in equal parts fear and fun, I was able to run down the stairs as I realised while running for a subway and to do a single leg calf raise, both without pain. Glorious!

This time, instead of charging back with track workouts and tempo runs and everything fun and fast, I’ve decided to come back on the run/walk protocol aka very slowly. Tonight I’ll give 20 minutes run/2 minutes walk/10 minutes run a go. I’ve never been so excited about running 20 minutes (in a row!).

In the meantime, I’m also excited and honoured to have been named one of Athletics Ontario’s Brand Ambassadors for 2016. It’s a great program that brings together athletes, volunteers, and coaches to promote athletics and the AO specific programs and events. Throughout the year, the ambassadors are involved with these events and highlight aspects of their own athletic endeavours.

Since it is unlikely that anyone will want to hear about my latest pool-running workouts, it’s time to be patient and get healthy.