First Base

Last week, while away in California, I ran the Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay. Although it was a beautiful race and a fun weekend spent with friends, I realised at around the 5k mark that I was done with racing for the rest of the year. The last couple months have been spent either tapering for or recovering from races and now all I want to do is run without too much concern for structure and specificity, to build a base and gradually gain fitness, all while having fun.

The first part of my base building plan is to stop racing for the next few weeks. I had planned on doing one more cross country race at the end of the month and a 5k road race in a few weeks. I think I’ll just cross those off.

(Actually, the precursor to first base was to be fully recovered from Chicago and also on the way to re-establishing normal physiological functions. As of a couple days ago, I am happy and relieved to say that I am painfully a real girl again.)

In addition to stepping away from racing, I’ll try to keep at least one or two days of cross-training or rest for now as I gradually build-up the mileage. I’ll fill out the rest of the week with a couple steady runs, a track workout, a fartlek or tempo based more on feelsies than on pace, and a longer run.

The hope is to stay injury-free and build a strong base leading up to next spring for a half marathon, either NYC or Brooklyn, and then continue to build for a fall marathon, either NYC or CIS.

But right now I’m at first base –I’ll try not to get too far ahead of myself and enjoy the moment.